Springhill Aviation Club Inc.

Springhill Aviation Club Inc

Originally formed on 21st December 1993 as the Warkworth Aviation Club Inc it latter changed its name to Springhill Aviation Club Inc. Club members are a mixture of aero modeling, microlight and general aviation enthusiasts. The membership is restricted to 50 members from Warkworth and it's environs and 4 associate members from further afield. The club is the proud owner of a clubhouse situated at the sealed airstrip on Springhill Estate SH1.

Most of the clubs activities revolve around aero modeling and members will be found at the clubhouse on most flyable Sundays. A smaller subset of members fly mid week. The club hosts MANZ and IMAC events during the year as well as organizing its own scale fly ins and competitions.

Guest flyers are welcome but must be chaperoned by a club member.

If you are not a club member you can view our website using the Non Member Entrance and see who our club officers are and what's going on